New ANIMATO Song Released!

Here it is ladies & gentlemen!

“Souls For Gold” the first official song release from our upcoming EP! Check it out on the top of this page or click the link here!
Thank you to Jeremy Hatcher for the final mix & Steakhouse Studio for the awesome drum recordings. Also, a big thanks to our in-house recording engineer Steve Mungarro for doing the bulk of the recording at our studio at Downtown Rehearsal!

Don’t forget to come celebrate with us next Friday, August 23rd @ The Complex in Glendale!

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Los Angeles band ANIMATO is a high-energy, electro dance machine comprised of Joey Medina (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Steve Mungarro (Bass/2nd Vocals/Synth Programming), Rexelle (Keys/Synth Guitar/2nd Vocals/Percussion), and Jason Ywahu (Drums/Programming). The band began to form in late 2012 in the wake of the breakup of previous Los Angeles band “The Tender Box.” Joey and Steve (originally hailing from southeast LA) of the now defunct group decided to join forces and start a new project that incorporates a more electronic-infused sound. And after an active search, they then brought on San Diego native multi-instrumentalist Rexelle (also known as Maria-Rexelle) in late 2012, and Boston native drummer Jason Ywahu in early 2013 to add the final pieces of the puzzle. The result of this “Social Experiment” as the band calls it, is a musical collaboration that encompasses a myriad of influences combined with 80s Electrofunk, Synthpop, Darkwave, and Britpop.

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